ZPE Programming Environment

ZPE Programming Environment

A scripting language that makes it easier to program


Section I

What is ZPE Programming Environment?

The ZPE Programming Environment, often just known as the ZPE, is a fully fledged language parser that features a concise programming syntax that produces powerful programs.

ZPE is designed with three core goals:

  • Easy to learn with easy to read syntax
  • Small, light and efficient
  • Quick to write

ZPE also aims to be clean, concise and well documented.

To date, all of these aims have been achieved.

Section II


As of August 2018 there are 150 built in functions, each of which forms the basis of the ZPE Programming Environment.

Example syntaxes

The following samples show some syntax of the language.

Example #1: Incrementing

function main()
	$i = 10
	//Should print 11 due to pre-increment
end function

Example #2: For loop

for($i = 0, $i < 1000, 1)
	print(floor(++$i + 3.3))
end for

for($i = 0, $i < 1000, $i++)
	print(floor($++i + 3.3))
end for

Example #3: When is statement

	is 1 do
		print("It is one.")
	is 2 do
		print("It is two.")
	otherwise do
		print("It is none of them.")
end when

Clean and concise.

The Yet Another Simple Syntax (YASS) has been designed to be similar to that of existing programming languages such as Java, PHP, JavaScript, Python, C, VB.NET, C# and SML.

The syntax has taken the best of all languages.


ZPE is dynamical and weakly typed, allowing variables to be easily reassigned to another value of a different type.

Future versions of ZPE will allow you to force types on variables using the Typo typing system.

Section III

Speed and efficiency

Fast to run.

Fast to write.

Just as with BRS for .NET, the YASS syntax has been designed to be quick to write.

Things also read much easier as most of the syntax is designed to read like sentences.

Fifth gear.

Shorthands and shortcuts help write the code quickly.

Several alternative function names exist, for instance, string_replace can be substituted by str_replace.

Section IV



Designed for more than simplicity.


Like BRS, ZPE was designed to be an educational language. ZPE is also built well-enough to make it incredibly useful as a programming language for performing other tasks such as system tasks and the like.

Example #1: Images for the web

$files = directory_list_files("/folder/")
$img = generate_image()
for each($files as $file)
	$img->transform_resize(600, 400)
end for

A clean focus and direction.

The future of ZPE focuses on efficient designs - reusing what exists already to develop and expand the potential of ZPE.

The ZPE standard library utilises the code from the language itself to develop a library of very powerful functionalities.

Monday, 16th May 2022
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