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Should the TV License be replaced?
21 Jul 2021 / Technology
The UK's TV License is an expensive yet very dated idea that needs to be looked at.
The move from Intel
19 Jun 2021 / Technology
The world of computing processors is shifting.
Using Homebridge
15 Apr 2021 / Smart Homes
Homebridge is an awesome tool that makes it easy to connect non-HomeKit products to your Apple HomeKit powered smart home systems. I'm going to explain why it's so great in this article.
My smart home setup
07 Apr 2020 / Smart Homes
Something that has interested me since it's conception in around about 2006 was the concept of what is now known as the smart home - it's always been something I've dreamt about. 
How did serial take over from parallel?
03 Jan 2020 / Technology
In this post I am discussing how serial communication overtook parallel communication as the main method of communication in computer systems.
How did serial take over from parallel?
A look at my last decade
31 Dec 2019 / Life
A look at 2010 to 2019 in my life, from highs to lows. This article is more for personal reasons than for others to read, but some of my friends might find it interesting.
A look at the last decade of gaming
31 Dec 2019 / Technology
The last decade had some amazing games, but also some truly awful ones. This is my top ten games of the last decade.
Developing rich syntaxes for easy to learn coding
11 Oct 2019 / Technology
Some languages really have easy to read and write syntaxes, whereas others sacrifice this for structure. What about the combination of both?
A look at a new CSS feature (May 2019)
23 May 2019 / The Web
Here's a look at one of the new features to CSS as of May 2019
The importance of learning intentions
11 May 2019 / Education
Learning intentions and success criteria are very important in Scottish schools now, yet I still see teachers who do not use them as well as they should.