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My smart home setup
07 Apr 2020 / Technology
Something that has interested me since it's conception in around about 2006 was the concept of what is now known as the smart home - it's always been something I've dreamt about. 
How did serial take over from parallel?
03 Jan 2020 / Technology
In this post I am discussing how serial communication overtook parallel communication as the main method of communication in computer systems.
How did serial take over from parallel?
A look at the last decade of gaming
31 Dec 2019 / Technology
This is my top ten games of the last decade.
Developing rich syntaxes for easy to learn coding
11 Oct 2019 / Technology
Some languages really have easy to read and write syntaxes, whereas others sacrifice this for structure. What about the combination of both?
The Apple keyboard problem
10 May 2019 / Technology
Apple has a problem. I think it's time they addressed this.
The Right To Repair (and why it matters)
24 Apr 2019 / Technology
Being able to repair your own technology is great for someone like me. But a world without the ability to do this is becoming the norm.
How did AMD manage to make Threadripper so powerful?!
07 Jan 2019 / Technology
AMD's Threadripper is a beast. But how can it have 64 cores in a world where 4 cores is the norm?!
Is the sun finally Ryzen for AMD? A look at how AMD has changed.
20 Dec 2018 / Technology
AMD have long been in the shadow of Intel. But is it finally time for them to Ryzen shine? I take a look at how AMD has changed over the years and how they are finally getting there with the Ryzen CPUs.
Is the sun finally Ryzen for AMD? A look at how AMD has changed.
The biggest hog in ZPE
11 May 2017 / Technology
ZPE has been gradually getting faster and faster due to more optimisations at compile time, however, this month I began to really delve into the deep end and found some new ways that ZPE can be optimised. In this post I will discuss exactly what I'm going to do in order to do this.
Apple MacBook Pro 2011 running slow - the fix
03 Dec 2016 / Technology
A while after I sold my perfectly running MacBook Pro 2011 13" to my brother in 2014 it began to run slow. In early 2016 he was so infuriated by the sluggish performance that he was going to be selling it as a spares. In this article I discuss the issue and the fix.